Find My Phone GPS Phone Tracker App Review

Every one of us wants to keep our phones and personal data safe Find Lost Cell Phone GPS Location Tracker is an application which enables its users to find the lost misplaced phone as well as trace its location on the map Clap to find your lost phone Track Phone location Share location via Anti theft SIM Change lock Intruder alert Intruder selfie.

Many times we misplace our silent phone in home or office Clap to find a lost mobile phone is a handy tool which enables its users to find their misplaced lost phone with a loud ringtone even if the phone is on the silent mode Users can change the accuracy level to low medium and high GPS Location tracker is a tracking feature that allows its users to keep a track of location on the map For users who are interested in fitness programs and want to keep a track of their running walking routines this application comes in as a useful helping tool.

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All you need is to start the GPS location tracker feature and leave the rest to it Once you are done with travelling walking stop the location tracker feature and you will get a track of the travelled area For this feature to function properly users must activate their device GPS. Location Tracker even works without internet Share location feature allows users to share their location using GPS of the phone with the people they want to This way they can keep their loved ones apprised about their current exact location on the map.

The anti theft feature enables its users to be fear free of losing their phones and the private data on the phone In case someone’s phone is lost with this feature activated if the thief tries to change the SIM in the phone the phone will automatically be locked with the PIN code they have saved It often happens that some of your friend colleague or family member wants to snoop your phone and tried to unlock it.

This application generates a loud alarm if someone tries wrong password pin attempts Moreover Intruder selfie will be taken and send to your email along with phone location on the Google maps I can find my phone instantly You can keep record of your nosy family members or workers and friends who tried to snoop or who tried to unlock your phone in your absence Find Lost Phone GPS Phone Tracker requires Device Administrative Permissions These permissions are required so that in case of SIM change the phone gets Locked automatically to avoid any loss of Personal Data.

Find My Family GPS Location Tracker app supports both iOS and Android phones It does not matter whether you have Android and members of your family have You can connect both devices easily Android to Android Android to iPhone and iPhone to Android Find My Family GPS Location Tracker app is intended for family safety and parental control only The app can not be installed on the cell phone without your child’s knowledge the use is available only with the explicit consent of the child Personal data is stored in strict accordance with legislation and policies.


Find My Family GPS Location Tracker app asks for the following permissions access to the camera and photo to scan QR code on the child’s device for device linking access to contacts to fill in the phone book on your family members’ phones for emergency cases By just one button tap on their phone you can be notified that the situation requires your immediate attention GPS tracker will show you exact location of the tracked family phone right away Call back quickly to help your beloved ones.

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