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Many in the world want to see one’s face to face and talk to others who want to make quality video calls. The best app to make quality video calls is just talk free video calls and fun chat. This video call app includes free private calling and mobile live video chat. This App is suitable for your private, fun chats.

JustTalk is a free high quality video, voice and group calling app for everyone – simple, reliable, secure and fun, so you won’t miss a single minute.

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Why use:

Free calls you need and
Make HD-quality voice or video calls over WiFi or your phone’s internet or all video calls from your office or office (2.5G / 3G / 4G / 5G).
In standard HD quality with this app
Make calls more fun
Doodle, recording live voice or video calls, playing games, sending stickers, sharing photos and more in a single voice or video call.

Words that speak more directly than the texts we send and
This app is suitable for sending and receiving pictures, voices, videos, location, stickers, GIFs and more to one person or group.

Group voice calling and video chat with your friends (meetings, ceremonies)
Create as many groups as you want with up to 50 group voice calls with family, friends or co-workers. Enjoy high quality audio and super high definition video calls. Easily control group calling (Disable, block new participants or remove participants, enlarge anyone’s screen). You can send group text, pictures and videos to your friend or your group of friends at the same time.

Justak on the phone
Make domestic or international calls over the phone from Justock. Click on your Avatar in JustTock and find the JustDoc to Phone in the wallet to learn more.

Live video
Start a live video chat to share your moments with your loved ones during a voice call.

Cross platform
Enjoy sending video chat or emoji pictures to all your friends on any simple smartphones and tablets with just one simple app.

Many more
Create your own unique Justak ID and make it easy for your friends to search your account. Add new friends with shared name cards or QR codes. Bluetooth auto connectivity is supported. Choose themes (light and dark modes) and express yourself musically with ringtones.

Private and secure
All information and calls are final encrypted to the end, thus dividing the information and call data into several random paths. This ensures that calls are not monitored or saved by servers.

* Data charges and download fees may apply. Check with your carrier for details.
The best advanced feedback has been provided by the users of this App. If you have any queries regarding this App please contact this App Creators
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Free phone calls
High crystal-clear audio and high quality internet calling application, fully HD video calls * and live chat video. Advertising in Justak will always be banned.

Group Video Call Application & Team Messenger
Enjoy life events with your family and friends in Justok, even if you are just starting out, this app is used for Christmas house party celebrations and more
Capture your best only pleasant moment
This app gives you simple instructions on how to quickly capture a photo or video and save it to the camera roll or send it to chats.

Online meetings
Make conference calls or group calls with voice or video calling. It is not only a free call application but also for cloud meetings for group collaboration. Justak helps you create real team face time with your colleagues.

Address Book Integration
Easily invite your friends and add them to Justock by syncing your phone contacts or logging into your Facebook account. You can send invitations to your friends via SMS, mail, social networks, etc.

Free text
Can’t take the call? Respond with a text message.
Call denied? Send a private text directly with all important details.

Low data usage
720P Ht


Save up to 40-90% on Internet usage during real-time video calling with quality. This app is used to get a fun experience set up like talking on a fun video walkie talkie.

Unwanted other than those on your contact list
This app provides the best experience by easily blocking calls, tracking unwanted number or caller ID in your blocklist.

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